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  • published veterans in Latest News 2021-08-26 08:53:55 -0400

    A heartfelt message to veterans

    Dr. Muñoz spends a day with friend, campaign supporter, Armenian community leader, Vietnam Veteran, and Providence resident, Michael “Manoog” Kaprielian. The two discuss culture, history, and the simple act of love that we can do to support veterans, today. You can learn more about Mr. Kaprielian 👉🏼


  • published veterans_message in Latest News 2021-08-26 08:46:56 -0400

    A heartfelt message to veterans

    Dr. Muñoz spends a day with friend, campaign supporter, Armenian community leader, Vietnam Veteran, and Providence resident, Michael “Manoog” Kaprielian. The two discuss culture, history, and the simple act of love that we can do to support veterans, today. You can learn more about Mr. Kaprielian 👉🏼


  • published Town Hall with Students for Change in Latest News 2021-08-26 08:24:20 -0400

    Town Hall with Students for Change

    Dr. Muñoz joined Students for Change Political Action Committee, a North Kingstown based student run organization, for a community town hall. 

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  • published Woke Doctors Endorses in Press Releases 2021-08-26 08:07:34 -0400

    Dr. Muñoz is Endorsed by Doctors Group


    Date and Time: August 24, 2021

    Woke Doctors

    Proudly Endorses Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

    Woke Doctors is a physician led group that represents the voices of thousands of doctors on the frontlines against injustice. The group is a premier source for progressive activism in medicine and public health for more than 70,000 doctors and healthcare workers nationwide.


  • published Checking Power in Latest News 2021-08-23 07:58:04 -0400

    Checking Power

    “Systems designed to destroy people’s spirits will eventually destroy our society,” said gubernatorial candidate Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

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  • published RI Education Council's Principled Stand in Latest News 2021-08-23 07:39:44 -0400

    The Principled Stand

    Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz, a Democrat who is challenging McKee in next year’s primary, offered a stark prediction to the council.


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  • published C-19 Back to School Plan in Press Releases 2021-08-19 15:53:09 -0400

    Muñoz addresses C-19 Back to School Plan


    Date and Time: August 19, 2021

    Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz expresses concerns regarding RIDOH's quarantine protocol within the back to school plan

    Dr. Muñoz has already taken positions on health and vaccine equity, and vaccine mandates. Most recently, Dr. Muñoz has taken a strong stance on mandatory school masking. Today, the administration responded to the education council's action on masking, by finally establishing a school masking mandate. 

    At today's press conference, RIDOH shared its new quarantine protocol for students exposed to covid-19 infected students. RIDOH wrote, "Our K-12 guidance this year includes a quarantining exemption for masked students. A K-12 student exposed to another K-12 student infected with #COVID19 will not need to quarantine if the exposure occurred in an indoor K-12 classroom." Dr. Muñoz is concerned that this protocol is limited, and increases health risks for students and teachers. 

    "The lack of clear guidance for surveillance and intentional asymptomatic testing, as element of this protocol, presents extraordinary risks for teachers and students. This seems to create a scenario where outbreak reports will be delayed at best, until an arbitrary threshold of symptomatic students, teachers, and staff are identified and reported. This rapidly evolving virus has been able to mutate because it has incubated across the populace. We cannot afford to be indifferent to asymptomatic infections by loosening our quarantine protocols. The protocol, as detailed by RIDOH presents a danger to public health," Dr. Muñoz wrote. 

    Thank you for taking time to read this press release. You can learn more about Dr. Muñoz's healthcare policies and vision.

    What else does Dr. Muñoz stand for?



    Women's Rights


    Environmental Justice



  • published Public Health & Transparency in Press Releases 2021-08-19 14:06:50 -0400

    Public Health & Transparency


    Date and Time: August 19, 2021

    Gubernatorial Candidate

    Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz calls for public access and full transparency to any bargaining discussions pertaining to vaccine policies

    Dr. Muñoz has already taken positions on health and vaccine equity, and vaccine mandates. Most recently, Dr. Muñoz has taken a strong stance on mandatory school masking

    "It is clear that secrecy seeds doubt and conspiracy, and we cannot allow for either to grow, for both threaten our ability to meet the demands of this public health crisis. I understand the responsibility that labor unions have to advocate on behalf of all of their members.

    I support the call for open discussions about public health measures and vaccine policies, and I also believe that our actions must be swift, in order to protect all workers and communities. We must move forward, and a fully transparent process is one way of ensuring that we can do so, collectively. It is also essential for the public to have visibility into these meetings, in order to ensure that the core values of public health, which are driving these decisions, are at the forefront of vaccine mandate discussions." said, Dr. Muñoz.

    Thank you for taking time to read this press release. You can learn more about Dr. Muñoz's healthcare policies and vision.

  • published Press Releases 2021-08-18 13:08:15 -0400

    Press Releases

    As a people powered campaign, we want to make sure that we are providing multiple mediums to stay engaged with everyone. We also understand that not everyone utilizes social media to stay engaged.

    Our campaign team makes every attempt to share Dr. Muñoz's stances with local media outlets, in order to ensure that all Rhode Islanders have an opportunity to learn more about Dr. Muñoz's experience, positions, and leadership. 

    Nevertheless, our campaign press releases do not always make into publications. Therefore, we have chosen to share them on this website, and will continue to do so. 

    Thank you for staying engaged, and for your continued support! 

    Learn more about What Dr. Muñoz Stands For


    For outreach to the Muñoz for Governor campaign, please email:

    [email protected]

    cc: [email protected]

  • published Immigration in What I stand for 2021-08-16 06:28:32 -0400

    Muñoz stands for human rights, for all people.

    Human Rights: programs should be designed to protect our most vulnerable communities 

    • Work with advocacy organizations to develop a defense fund for undocumented people who have been harmed by individuals or institutions
    • Working with advocacy organizations to strengthen defense funds for individuals who have been exploited, abused, and harmed by individuals or institutions
    • Working with legislators and AG to prosecute any form of assault based on immigration status, as a hate crime

    Resources & Opportunities: reducing barriers to access

    • Make RI Promise accessible to all 
    • Expand access to state-based assistance programs
    • Invest in projects that bring community organizations (501c3 and 501c4) together to support documentation filings for residency

    If necessary, by Executive Order: 

    • Restrict ICE ability to detain individuals in state facilities or surrounding property 
    • Where possible, work with AG to abolish contracts between ICE and private prisons
    • Allow for a limited driver's license, if the legislature is unwilling to do what is right


    "Humanity, is unambiguous in a moral society" 

    ~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

  • published About + Contact 2021-08-15 06:48:27 -0400

    Who is Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz?

    Luis Daniel Muñoz is a community organizer, medical doctor, husband, and father. He grew up in Central Falls, Rhode Island, and is an alumnus of Rhode Island College, and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He has served as a member of Rhode Island's Equity Council, where he has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to fight for real progress. 

    We know what Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz stands for. Feel free to look at his body of work.

    There is no greater service than to commit one's life to the liberation of others.

    ~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz


    For outreach to the Muñoz for Governor campaign, please email:

    [email protected]

    cc: [email protected]

  • published Women's Rights in What I stand for 2021-08-14 16:57:37 -0400

    Muñoz is committed to defending women's rights, and advocating for greater resources.

    Reproductive Health Rights

    • Women have autonomy over their own bodies, and we must protect their reproductive health rights
    • Advocate for universal mandate for contraceptive coverage under all health plans 

    Health Education

    • Invest in a Universal Comprehensive Reproductive Health education program
    • Expand opportunities within the health professions for women of color

    Health Equity

    • Address systemic racism in healthcare, which has disproportionately impacted women of color. 
    • Expand pre-partum and postpartum support resources and services for vulnerable populations (e.g., Doulas, Counseling)

    Childcare, Work Re-Entry, and Pay Equity

    • Support programs that provide childcare assistance and/or reimbursement 
    • Advocate for policies that support extended parental leave 
    • Provide work re-entry support programs, which support mental well being of mothers and parents, as they transition back into work


    "A society that values and empowers black women,

    is a society that empowers and values all women."

    ~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

  • published Housing in What I stand for 2021-08-14 15:10:06 -0400

    Muñoz believes that housing is a human right.

    Invest in Affordable & Low Income Housing

    • Affordable housing has become a relative term, which is why we must stress the need for low income housing as well. 
    • Advocate for municipality-specific affordable and low income housing line items in state budget. 
    • Better support municipalities who exceed the minimum requirements for affordable housing by providing more direct support for development projects. Work with EOHHS to ensure that families residing in other municipalities have an opportunity to access other parts of the state through an affordable and low income housing placement program. 

    Love thy neighbor! Stopping Gentrification!

    • Institutions such as, Brown University, continue to play a part in gentrifying communities, while doing little to contribute to the tax base or service/programs that would strengthen historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities.
    • It's time to collectively fight back, and to work with cities and towns to ensure that families are not pushed out of this amazing state, which we call home.

    End Homelessness

    • Over 1200 people are living in shelters, cars, and on the streets in Rhode Island. These numbers do not include individuals and families who are residing with other family members because they do not have a home.
    • As the winter approaches and the current eviction moratorium faces another deadline, 40,000 people in Rhode Island will face eviction. We must face the reality that homelessness is increasing because the costs of living continue to rise, while there are fewer support systems in place, and jobs to access. 

    Rent Relief Support for Rhode Islanders

    • Invest $5M in community organizations supporting community driven rent relief support clinics 
    • Modify engagement contracts to ensure that funds are deployed more effectively by industry partners 


    Relevant articles

    1. Dr. Muñoz co-organizes rent relief clinics
    2. Federal Funds can help end homelessness, support rent relief, and build low income and affordable housing
    3. The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal, which highlights homelessness in Rhode Island.


    "How can we say that we are a moral society, when we continue to look away, as millions of people in this country beg for food and shelter?"

    ~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

  • published Healthcare in What I stand for 2021-08-14 13:59:13 -0400

    Muñoz believes that healthcare is a human right. The fight is for health justice! 

    Health Services: demonstrating a path to a state-based single payer system 

    • 5 County Pilot Program: Free community healthcare clinics focused on reducing cost burden of chronic disease and preventive health, while building state-managed infrastructure that can serve to expand other innovative programs (e.g., comprehensive reproductive health, community based mental health services, and crisis management services).

    Pharmaceuticals: protecting all Rhode Islanders from abusive pricing 

    • Price controls: work with legislators to establish a state-based price control formulary, to support Rhode Islander's living with conditions that require recurring prescriptions 
    • Importation: work with legislators to create policies that would allow Rhode Island to procure medications that pass quality tests from neighboring countries (e.g., Canada).

    Challenging Healthcare Profiteers: De-privatizing Public Health and Healthcare

    • Placing the state at the negotiation table to replace intermediary companies that are currently playing a role in healthcare coding, reimbursement, and procurement processes. 
    • Augment RIDOH's role in the price setting negotiations that take place for all healthcare programs, thereby, removing PBMs and GPOs from the process, which will lead to cost reduction for the entire system. 

    Fight against corporate interests: We must protect Rhode Islands from today's rising costs of insurance and low quality plans

    • Fight for mental health parity 
    • Fight for full coverage of all covid-19 bills
    • Fight for free telehealth services 
    • Fight for price controls on insurance premiums, and against any attempt to raise health insurance premiums 


    Here is an article by Brown Herald, which details some of Dr. Muñoz's efforts for vaccine equity.


    Health equity offers a lens by which we can better understand the social conditions under which communities reside, and it provides us with an opportunity to transform and create a better healthcare system, which values people over profits. 

    ~Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

  • published Opportunity in What I stand for 2021-08-14 13:33:04 -0400

    Muñoz stands for programmatic changes that will bring an end to cycles of poverty.

    CommerceRI: Stop corporate welfare!

    • Transform CommerceRI with a new mission, which is to focus 90% of effort on small and microbusinesses. 
    • Work with RIDE, EOHHS, and community organizations to connect education and commerce pilots to community.

    Livable Wage: Break the poverty trap that is the "minimum wage"

    • Pilot Wage Program: Supplemental wage program, which will be led by Commerce RI. The program will connect with the NEW enhanced RI Promise Program to support adult learners and part-time students by working with their small/micro-business employers to enhance their hourly wages. The state-funded program will focus on bringing low wage earners closer to a livable wage, while simultaneously supporting local economies in two distinct ways: 
      • Direct investment into business operations
      • Direct investment into people's education
      • Direct investment into Rhode Islander's future

    Taxes: Regressive vs Progressive Policies

    • Personal Income Taxes: Increase taxes for those who earn $475,000 or more a year (8.99% - 10.99%)
    • Car Tax: A complete phase-out 
    • Business Taxes: Tangible asset tax is regressive, and disproportionately impacts microbusinesses. As such, we must find a way to phase out this tax, while working with municipalities, micro-businesses, and CommerceRI to design a path forward. 
    • Expand earned income tax credits!

    Jobs & Skills: Programs must demonstrate success

    • End all tax incentive agreements with large corporations who have failed to produce promised jobs. 
    • Integrate all training, retraining, and skills certification program under a commissioned group overseen by RIDE, which will embody state employees, community members, educators, and various industry professionals. The focus of such a group is to establish quality measures, which we can use to audit all publicly funded and/or public-private partnerships designed to produce such skills programs. 


    Here is a recent interview with Dr. Muñoz and Remax Innovations


    "Our solutions must be sophisticated..."

  • published Education in What I stand for 2021-08-14 13:31:58 -0400

    Dr. Muñoz believes that education should be equitable and accessible.

    Funding formula (Pre K - 12): Economically De-segregate Rhode Island's school system

    • Modify formula to ensure that funds are allocated based on infrastructure and programmatic needs  
    • Ensure that more dollars are getting directly to students (e.g., tangibles - technology, books, software services)
    • Add line item for after-school programs (see below, RI's Future Generations Program)
    • Other areas of investment: Universal Pre-K, early stage development/screening, multi-lingual learning resources

    Curricula: A time of truth telling

    • Expand curricula across school districts to ensure that students are informed about the origins of systemic structures, laws, and processes that were used to systemically marginalize racialized and economically disadvantaged communities
    • Empower all students with an opportunity to dismantle systemic racism
    • Expand coursework focused on the history of cultures represented throughout the state and country

    Transparency: Foster community driven transformation

    • Establish RIDE policies for greater parent/public involvement/feedback
    • Establish additional policies for greater transparency related to contract negotiations pertaining to education expenditures

    Community: Build a stronger community 

    • Establish RIDE policies that replace some Professional Development requirements for Community Service
    • Invest in mental health resources for students and teachers 
    • Increase diversity in administrative and teaching roles

    RI's Future Generations Program (6th - 12th grade): Building solidarity by bringing all students into one comprehensive after school program.

    • With allocated funding, connect existing after school programs, and partner with all universities and colleges
    • Establish vocational and cultural learning pathways to bring students together, and to build industries locally
    • Community service requirement focused on students crossing into other municipalities to support legacy projects

    RI Promise Program: Make RI Promise program more accessible and free for EVERYONE

    • Create more flexibility in the admissions process to allow for part-time and non-traditional students (ex. adult learners)
    • Integrate jobs retraining (vocational) and expand certification programs access to all students 


    Listen to a recent interview with fellow RIC Alumni, Raymond Baccari


    "... A child's fate should not be based on a lottery system”.

    ~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz

  • published Remax Interview in Latest News 2021-08-12 13:02:52 -0400

    The Courage for Solutions

    Dr. Muñoz talks with Remax Innovations about solutions and political courage. Dr. Muñoz discusses his lived experience, values, working class struggle, and his campaign for Governor of Rhode Island.
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