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UpriseRI - Muñoz calls for police accountability

On April 22, 2021, Dr. Muñoz called for the need to strengthen accountability measures across all municipal police departments. 

"We cannot allow ourselves to be indifferent to these events. For anyone who claims that we don’t mourn or march when our people die as a result of gun violence, my answer to you is that we do March. We marched to the funeral home, and to the burial site. We lay the stones and flowers on the memorials that color our streets and murals. We live with the pain of those we lose to the consequences of poverty, that injustice which breeds so many others. But that reality does not negate this reality. We know that something has to change..."

Muñoz went on to say, 


  • Rhode Island's congressional delegation should call for an assessment of the national accreditation process for law enforcement agencies, in order to ensure that the policies, protocols, and professional standards provide adequate guidance in areas related to internal investigations, mental health screenings, and racial justice.
  • Rhode Island state leaders should mandate all municipal police departments to acquire national accreditation, and allocate state funds to cover the costs of accreditation related audits.  
  • Rhode Island's version of the law enforcement accreditation process should be expanded to mirror the national accreditation framework, expanding its coverage from 200 policies and standards to the 460+ policies and standards assessed within the national accreditation process.

How can we expect to adequately assess, and transform, any system of public safety, if law enforcement agencies in different states, cities, and towns are allowed to operate under different standards and expectations? We can effect this change, today.



You can read the article published by Pat Ford at the Coalition Radio Network 

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