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Brown Herald Daily - Science calls for vaccine equity

"Luis Daniel Muñoz, a doctor, community organizer and member of the Governor’s Equity Council, said that reaching proportional vaccination rates is not enough. 

'Black people and Latinos between the ages of 34 and 44 are three times more likely to be hospitalized compared to white individuals 74 to 85 years of age,” he told The Herald. “When you look at that risk from an equity standpoint, one would say that that population should have relatively more vaccines allocated to them based on the increased risk. But in Rhode Island you can’t even get an equal proportion.'

Harrison Tuttle, the executive director of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island PAC, agreed that equity was imperative. 'All the disparities, both economic and criminal, that Black and Brown communities face have been piled on by this pandemic … These communities have been impacted the most by COVID,' he said."



See Article by Brown Herald Daily's Brendan Gardner 


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