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Town Hall with Bryant University's Young Dems

On Tuesday, October 26, Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz attended the first town hall organized by Bryant University Democrats. John Colantoni, President of the Bryant Dems, introduced the gubernatorial candidate to an audience prepared with questions.

The students were interested in learning about Dr. Muñoz’s views on health infrastructure, racial justice, gun control, affordable housing, job opportunities, vaccine mandates and renewable energy.

When asked about how to engage with youth and get out the vote Dr. Muñoz said: “I will be going anywhere and everywhere I need to go to activate youth. The key is once you are activated, what will you do with it?

This is the first of a series of town halls that Dr. Muñoz will be doing with universities and colleges across the state. Here is a short version of the 1.5 hour town hall (below).

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