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Time for Change


Date and Time: September 9, 2021


Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz calls for greater funding for overdose prevention programs


The Health of our communities, and of our state, must always be the focus of elected officials. The courageous act by the Rhode Island Overdose Taskforce, to take a stand on this important issue related to programs that are designed to address a public health crisis, should serve as an example for all leaders in Rhode Island.

Dr. Muñoz stands with the Overdose Taskforce in calling for funding to support people and communities in need of support.

"The McKee administration has unethically allocated millions of dollars to its well connected friends, while simultaneously failing to manage, deploy, and execute on health and housing programs. The fact is that we are facing multiple public health emergencies that will not be resolved by political gaming and cronyism. The Governor has demonstrated that insider deals, which will push us towards privatization of public health and public education, are in his agenda. As a consequence, we are witnessing an indifference by the administration to threatened budget cuts for programs that aim to decrease overdose deaths, along with a general displacement of accountability on public health measures aimed to protect children’s health. Our most vulnerable are being left behind.

I call on the administration to use federal dollars to provide adequate funding to these programs, and to stop the privatization of public health and other public service areas. It’s time for change, and it’s time for leaders who understand public health, and have the political courage to place the health of Rhode Island before all else."