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Dr. Muñoz believes that education should be equitable and accessible.

Funding formula (Pre K - 12): Economically De-segregate Rhode Island's school system

  • Modify formula to ensure that funds are allocated based on infrastructure and programmatic needs  
  • Ensure that more dollars are getting directly to students (e.g., tangibles - technology, books, software services)
  • Add line item for after-school programs (see below, RI's Future Generations Program)
  • Other areas of investment: Universal Pre-K, early stage development/screening, multi-lingual learning resources

Curricula: A time of truth telling

  • Expand curricula across school districts to ensure that students are informed about the origins of systemic structures, laws, and processes that were used to systemically marginalize racialized and economically disadvantaged communities
  • Empower all students with an opportunity to dismantle systemic racism
  • Expand coursework focused on the history of cultures represented throughout the state and country

Transparency: Foster community driven transformation

  • Establish RIDE policies for greater parent/public involvement/feedback
  • Establish additional policies for greater transparency related to contract negotiations pertaining to education expenditures

Community: Build a stronger community 

  • Establish RIDE policies that replace some Professional Development requirements for Community Service
  • Invest in mental health resources for students and teachers 
  • Increase diversity in administrative and teaching roles

RI's Future Generations Program (6th - 12th grade): Building solidarity by bringing all students into one comprehensive after school program.

  • With allocated funding, connect existing after school programs, and partner with all universities and colleges
  • Establish vocational and cultural learning pathways to bring students together, and to build industries locally
  • Community service requirement focused on students crossing into other municipalities to support legacy projects

RI Promise Program: Make RI Promise program more accessible and free for EVERYONE

  • Create more flexibility in the admissions process to allow for part-time and non-traditional students (ex. adult learners)
  • Integrate jobs retraining (vocational) and expand certification programs access to all students 


Here is a summary page with profile, articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews


"... A child's fate should not be based on a lottery system”.

~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz