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Muñoz calls for an end to deceptive politics


Date: September 14, 2021


Dr. Muñoz calls out Gorbea campaign for deliberately lying in a recent campaign communication

Our campaign team received a copy of a campaign email blast sent by Ms. Gorbea to her supporters, where Ms. Gorbea claims to be the only candidate officially running for Governor of Rhode Island. The letter also implied that Ms. Gorbea would be the first Latinx Democrat Governor in New England.

The statement disregards Dr. Muñoz’s official gubernatorial announcement, which was made over five months ago, and his Puerto Rican heritage. Ms. Gorbea and her team are very aware of both facts, especially since they are frequently portrayed in the media.  Tactics which suppress opponents in this manner are deceptive and disrespectful. If Ms. Gorbea doesn’t honor truth, then should Rhode Islanders trust whether she will do so as Governor?

Dr. Muñoz stated, "Clearly, the letter was designed to misinform Rhode Island voters, which speaks to how 'establishment' politics have historically played out in Rhode Island. If lies propel someone into office, then lies are all that they will have to offer when in office. If we wish to end cronyism in Rhode Island, then we must stop accepting lies and insider tactics. 

Rhode Island deserves better! The people are tired of those who would compromise values and common decency for political self preservation. We are also tired of cronies and wealth managers who take elected office to further deplete resources from those Rhode Islanders struggling to survive. This incident has served as a necessary reminder that change is essential, and progress must come.

I want to thank my team for presenting facts, and for helping us face our opponents on the grounds of values, ideas, and substantive plans. The four national endorsements that I've received are a reflection of what WE represent, and how we operate, and of what path we might collectively take towards progress in Rhode Island."

We demand that the Gorbea campaign rectify and acknowledge these harmful actions. Ms. Gorbea should be proud to recognize her shared latino heritage with Dr. Muñoz, as it is a ground-breaking moment for New England. 

Dr. Muñoz stated, "The progress needed must also expand beyond one community, to support the many diverse communities that are working everyday to survive, in a state where they should have access to resources that would allow them, to thrive. The first step is, truth. The next step, is action. We're already in motion." 

Thank you for taking the time to review this press release.