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Muñoz believes in the fight for a Green New Deal, which emphasizes environmental justice.

Climate Change: we have a moral obligation to protect our planet for future generations 

  • Transition to renewables: Expand use of wind and solar technologies 
  • Carbon sinks: Preserve nature's carbon sinks through intentional conservation
  • Stop fossil fuel expansion: At all cost! 

Environmental Justice: protect communities at higher risks for detrimental health impacts of pollution generating industries

  • Advocate for harm tax on pollution generating companies to fund assistance programs
  • Support individuals and families suffering from chronic diseases secondary to pollution generating industries

Commercial and Residential Housing Renovations: we must take bold steps to reduce carbon emissions

  • Develop commercial and residential housing programs to support renovations that reduce carbon emissions

The public health crisis: we know that climate conditions are strongly associated with health outcomes 

  • Take on a stand on the clear relationship between the climate crisis and a larger public health crisis


Here is a summary page with profile, articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews

Example: Harm Tax, The Boston Globe


"While the actions we take to address climate change are consequential to all those who inhabit the earth, it is essential that whatever steps we do take to preserve our planet are aligned with protections for those who are disproportionately impacted by corporate pollution." 

~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz