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Muñoz believes that healthcare is a human right. The fight is for health justice! 

Health Services: demonstrating a path to a state-based single payer system 

  • 5 County Pilot Program: Free community healthcare clinics focused on reducing cost burden of chronic disease and preventive health, while building state-managed infrastructure that can serve to expand other innovative programs (e.g., comprehensive reproductive health, community based mental health services, and crisis management services).

Pharmaceuticals: protecting all Rhode Islanders from abusive pricing 

  • Price controls: work with legislators to establish a state-based price control formulary, to support Rhode Islander's living with conditions that require recurring prescriptions 
  • Importation: work with legislators to create policies that would allow Rhode Island to procure medications that pass quality tests from neighboring countries (e.g., Canada).

Challenging Healthcare Profiteers: De-privatizing Public Health and Healthcare

  • Placing the state at the negotiation table to replace intermediary companies that are currently playing a role in healthcare coding, reimbursement, and procurement processes. 
  • Augment RIDOH's role in the price setting negotiations that take place for all healthcare programs, thereby, removing PBMs and GPOs from the process, which will lead to cost reduction for the entire system. 

Fight against corporate interests: We must protect Rhode Islands from today's rising costs of insurance and low quality plans

  • Fight for mental health parity 
  • Fight for full coverage of all covid-19 bills
  • Fight for free telehealth services 
  • Fight for price controls on insurance premiums, and against any attempt to raise health insurance premiums 


Here is a summary page with profile, articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews

And here is an article by Brown Herald, which details some of Dr. Muñoz's efforts for vaccine equity, leading a community effort that brought hundreds of community members together to help over 5000 access support and vaccines.


Health equity offers a lens by which we can better understand the social conditions under which communities reside, and it provides us with an opportunity to transform and create a better healthcare system, which values people over profits. 

~Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz