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Muñoz believes that housing is a human right.

Invest in Affordable & Low Income Housing: Love thy neighbor! 

  • Affordable housing has become a relative term, which is why we must stress the need for low income housing as well. 
  • Advocate for municipality-specific affordable and low income housing line items in state budget. 
  • Incentivize development: Better support municipalities who exceed the minimum requirements for affordable housing by providing more direct support for development projects. Work with EOHHS to ensure that families residing in other municipalities have an opportunity to access other parts of the state through an affordable and low income housing placement program. 

Stop Gentrification: Love thy neighbor! 

  • Institutions such as, Brown University, continue to play a part in gentrifying communities, while doing little to contribute to the tax base or service/programs that would strengthen historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities.
  • It's time to collectively fight back, and to work with cities and towns to ensure that families are not pushed out of this amazing state, which we call home.

End Homelessness: Love thy neighbor! 

  • Over 1200 people are living in shelters, cars, and on the streets in Rhode Island. As the winter approaches and the current eviction moratorium faces another deadline, 40,000 people in Rhode Island will face eviction. We must face the reality that homelessness is increasing because the costs of living continues to rise, while there are fewer support systems in place, and jobs to access. 

Here are articles published by The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal, which highlights homelessness in Rhode Island.


"How can we say that we are a moral society, when we continue to look away, as millions of people in this country beg for food and shelter?"

~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz