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Public statement on George Floyd Trial

Dr. Muñoz Statement on George Floyd Trial Verdict: 

Cruelty has fatal consequences. This verdict is not a resolution to the call for a more just system. It is the first step in a long road towards healing, and designing a system that manifest as public safety with mercy, and justice with second chances. 

It is important to recognize that this isn’t a singular event. It is cyclical, and generational. It isn’t a democrat or republican issue, or a conservative or liberal issue. It is a human rights issue.

We should all ask ourselves whether the institutions designed to serve and protect our communities have been built on a moral framework that values all lives, equally? We must have the courage, as a society, to ask this question, and to acknowledge what we have seen with our own eyes, and to listen to what others who did not have a witness have had to endure.

The path ahead must include a movement of people who are willing to advocate for substantive change, and a change that empowers communities who benefit from public safety systems to design those systems anew. This is a path forward. My hope is that we can all walk it together. 


In Solidarity, 


Luis Daniel Muñoz, MD

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