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Muñoz stands with the LGBTQIA+ community

Health Equity 

  • Support equitable access to health resources 
  • Support programmatically, gender-inclusive reproductive health 
  • Support universal coverage of transitioning therapies 

Health Education

  • Gender-inclusive health education
  • Expand opportunities within the health professions and leadership roles for LGBTQIA+ community members 

Social Policy 

  • Support legislation that protects LGBTQIA+ community from workplace discrimination
  • Support legislation that expands LGBTQIA+ access to partner benefits
  • Support legislation that expands adoption opportunities for LGBTQIA+ people and families 

Opportunities & Government

  • Invest in organizations that create safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ community seeking health, education, and work resources 
  • Create LGBTQIA+ Diversity Council to serve as state advisory body


Here is a summary page with profile, articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews


"To accept a person for who they are, one must first know and love themselves. As a cisgender heterosexual man, I am committed to fighting with you for a more inclusive and just society."

~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz


Take a moment to listen to an interview between Dr. Muñoz and Dion Sage, Host of The Progress Report