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Muñoz stands for programmatic changes that will bring an end to cycles of poverty.

CommerceRI: Stop corporate welfare!

  • Transform CommerceRI with a new mission, which is to focus 90% of effort on small and microbusinesses. 
  • Work with RIDE, EOHHS, and community organizations to connect education and commerce pilots to community.

Livable Wage: Break the poverty trap that is the "minimum wage"

  • Pilot Wage Program: Supplemental wage program, which will be led by Commerce RI. The program will connect with the NEW enhanced RI Promise Program to support adult learners and part-time students by working with their small/micro-business employers to enhance their hourly wages. The state-funded program will focus on bringing low wage earners closer to a livable wage, while simultaneously supporting local economies in two distinct ways: 
    • Direct investment into business operations
    • Direct investment into people's education
    • Direct investment into Rhode Islander's future

Taxes: Regressive vs Progressive Policies

  • Personal Income Taxes: Increase taxes for those who earn $475,000 or more a year (8.99% - 10.99%)
  • Car Tax: A complete phase-out 
  • Business Taxes: Tangible asset tax is regressive, and disproportionately impacts microbusinesses. As such, we must find a way to phase out this tax, while working with municipalities, micro-businesses, and CommerceRI to design a path forward. 
  • Expand earned income tax credits!

Jobs & Skills: Programs must demonstrate success

  • End all tax incentive agreements with large corporations who have failed to produce promised jobs. 
  • Integrate all training, retraining, and skills certification program under a commissioned group overseen by RIDE, which will embody state employees, community members, educators, and various industry professionals. The focus of such a group is to establish quality measures, which we can use to audit all publicly funded and/or public-private partnerships designed to produce such skills programs. 


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"Our solutions must be sophisticated..."