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Our Shared Struggle

Dr. Muñoz shares a personal note and Ethics Financial Disclosure.


In 2020, my family and I decided that helping others would take priority throughout this crisis over all else. In addition to working in areas that supported efforts in contact tracing, I dedicated a great deal of time to advocacy and community organizing related to health equity and COVID-19 response efforts. No real estate. No trust funds. We came from the marginalized. We know the struggle of working class people. We’re in this fight. WE have nothing to lose! We are a working class family, and we understand what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. Like many young professionals and families, we will be tackling student debt for some time, but that reality will not stop us from pushing for a better future, or deter our commitment to effect positive programmatic change for future generations in our home state of Rhode Island. Undoubtedly, running for office and remaining free from corporate conflicts of interests in RI has an impact on the lives of working class candidates. As a family, we have accepted the price of running for office, and of taking a stand for the marginalized and working, because we believe that progress is worth it.

We will continue to prioritize Rhode Island’s communities and future, over personal gains. Here is information from my 2020 Ethics Financial Disclosure.

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