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Public Health & Transparency


Date and Time: August 19, 2021

Gubernatorial Candidate

Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz calls for public access and full transparency to any bargaining discussions pertaining to vaccine policies

Dr. Muñoz has already taken positions on health and vaccine equity, and vaccine mandates. Most recently, Dr. Muñoz has taken a strong stance on mandatory school masking

"It is clear that secrecy seeds doubt and conspiracy, and we cannot allow for either to grow, for both threaten our ability to meet the demands of this public health crisis. I understand the responsibility that labor unions have to advocate on behalf of all of their members.

I support the call for open discussions about public health measures and vaccine policies, and I also believe that our actions must be swift, in order to protect all workers and communities. We must move forward, and a fully transparent process is one way of ensuring that we can do so, collectively. It is also essential for the public to have visibility into these meetings, in order to ensure that the core values of public health, which are driving these decisions, are at the forefront of vaccine mandate discussions." said, Dr. Muñoz.

Thank you for taking time to read this press release. You can learn more about Dr. Muñoz's healthcare policies and vision.