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Muñoz Profile, Policies, Forums, Interviews

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Muñoz, where he stands on issues, his vision and plans, and community organizing activities...then take time to review the publications he has authored and been referenced in over the past year. 

Profile Article: The Providence Journal: From Central Falls to the governor's race, Luis Daniel Muñoz is used to being the underdog

NBC-10 TV Debate Highlights - A MUST WATCH!!!

Announcement Article: Boston Globe: Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz will run for R.I. governor in 2022

Announcement Video: Running across an arc of progress

Endorsement Article (Jennifer Lima): The Valley Breeze: Muñoz running on authentic relationships, not transactional ones


Op-Eds: Dr. Muñoz has published information on the website and submitted publications over the course of the campaign to inform voters of his policy positions and plan.

1. Education Funding (Muñoz and Lima): R.I. needs an education funding formula for future generations

2. Healthcare: The Providence Journal: Opinion/Muñoz: RI could be model for community health system

3. School Safety & Public Health: The Providence Journal: Opinion/Munoz: In the service of children’s health

4. Rent Relief (Muñoz and Felix): Boston Globe (RI): Eviction Moratorium Clinics could help address housing justice immediately

5. Coastal Resource Management Council Reform (Muñoz and Noka): The Providence Journal: Opinion/Muñoz and Noka: Coastal management council lacking accountability

6. The Economy: Boston Globe (RI): Reimagining the role of R.I. Commerce, for the good of all Rhode Islanders

7. Environmental Justice: Boston Globe (RI): Carbon taxes don’t do enough. It’s time for a ‘harm tax’


Community and State Activities: Dr. Muñoz is a member of the state Equity Council, and has mobilized efforts for vaccine equity and rent relief in times of need. 

Vaccine Equity:

- Community Driven Vaccine Clinics (Fitzpatrick): Boston Globe (RI): Advocates call for mass vaccination weekend for people of color in R.I.

- Mutual Aid Works & Burnout (Muñoz and Bryant): UpriseRI: The Weight We Bear


- Rent Relief Clinics (Muñoz and Felix): Boston Globe (RI): Eviction Moratorium Clinics could help address housing justice immediately

- Homeless Encampment (Mulvaney): The Providence Journal: They've planted gardens and built a shower. Now the city is ousting them from a vacant lot


Debates/Forums (recordings):

If you'd like to dedicate the next several hours to catching up on the Governor's race, then please feel free to start here. 

1. NBC-10 WJAR TV Debate - Click here to watch 
2. Environmental Council Forum/Debate: Click here to watch 
3. WPRO - Bill Bartholomew - Click here to watch  
4. NAACP Forum - Click here to watch
5. Senior Issues Forum: Click here to watch
6. Early Childhood Policy Forum - Click here to watch
7. Poverty Forum: Click here to watch
8. Women's Fund Forum (Equity) - Click here to watch
9. RIPEC Forum: Click here to watch


Muñoz Documentary (Catalysts: The Arc of Warriors): Click here to watch the movie


Dr. Muñoz Democratic State Convention Speech: Courage when it matters!


Key interviews: 

1. Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry: Muñoz for Governor of Rhode Island

2. Gene Valicenti: NBC 10 (WJAR) Interview with Gene Valicenti

3. Boston Globe Podcast (Ed Fitzpatrick): Interview with Ed Fitzpatrick on Boston Globe RI Podcast


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