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Muñoz stands for social justice!

Community Policing 

  • Repeal Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights (LEOBOR) 
  • Support and invest in state model for diversion programs (i.e., unit of crisis management trained social workers)
  • Expand and invest in a stronger and accountable RI accreditation system (audits policing practices and policies) 
  • Support legislation to mandatory 24/7 body cameras (i.e., no option to turn off) 

Criminal Justice 

  • Work with federal delegation to expunge records of individuals incarcerated for cannabis offenses 
  • Work to implement clemency programs
  • Work to invest in rehabilitation program that support skills for the future (technology)
  • Diversity to the Bench: Add judges representing the racialized communities that are served


  • Solve homelessness by investing in housing infrastructure, and additional shelters as a transition 
  • Comprehensive support packages for homeless population to build a pipeline out of poverty


  • Support legislation to increase number of licenses and allowance of municipal cooperatives 
  • Invest in educational opportunities and spaces to help address community questions
  • Collaborate with Secretary of State to support community driven development of cooperatives 

Fair Taxation 

  • Support legislation that increases income tax rate for those making more than $475k (i.e., including pass-through entities)
  • Support legislation and initiatives to lower tangible asset tax, which disproportionately weighs on micro-businesses 
  • Continue to phase out car tax 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • At every level of government, from executive branch hires, to RFPs and grant criteria frameworks, and for all agencies/departments under the purview of the state, we will work towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Here is a summary page with profile, articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews


"Cycles of poverty will not be dismantled by exploiting the very communities that are capable of bringing lasting programmatic change. It's time to invest in people powered progress."

~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz