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What I stand for:

We’re in for a tough fight, but we know what Luis Daniel Muñoz stands for. 

  • stand for opportunity for all Rhode Islanders 
  • stand for equity and will hold all institutions accountable 
  • stand for social justice and for programs that lift all people out of poverty
  • stand against corruption, cronyism, and the selective indifference pervasive in establishment politics. 

See What I Stand for below 👇🏾 or through articles in the news section.

Here is the page that summarizes all articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews. 


If you're ready for change, then choose progress!


"There is no greater service than to commit one's life to the liberation of others."

~ Luis Daniel Muñoz, MD 


Muñoz for Governor

Muñoz stands with the LGBTQIA+ community

Health Equity  Support equitable access to health resources  Support programmatically, gender-inclusive reproductive health  Support universal coverage of transitioning therapies  Health Education Gender-inclusive health education Expand opportunities within the health professions and leadership...
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