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Muñoz is committed to defending women's rights, and advocating for greater resources.

Reproductive Health Rights

  • Women have autonomy over their own bodies, and we must protect their reproductive health rights
  • Advocate for universal mandate for contraceptive coverage under all health plans 

Health Education

  • Invest in a Universal Comprehensive Reproductive Health education program
  • Expand opportunities within the health professions for women of color

Health Equity

  • Address systemic racism in healthcare, which has disproportionately impacted women of color. 
  • Expand pre-partum and postpartum support resources and services for vulnerable populations (e.g., Doulas, Counseling)

Childcare, Work Re-Entry, and Pay Equity

  • Support programs that provide childcare assistance and/or reimbursement 
  • Advocate for policies that support extended parental leave 
  • Provide work re-entry support programs, which support mental well being of mothers and parents, as they transition back into work


Here is a summary page with profile, articles, op-eds, debates, and key interviews


"A society that values and empowers black women,

is a society that empowers and values all women."

~ Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz